A Precious Gift

Forgiveness heals, saves, leaves room for love and hope, above all, it set’s you free.

The night before my birthday, my brother asked me what I was most proud of during my 24th birthday year, considering that the next day I would be turning 25. He said, “It would be a big deal.” To my surprise in that moment I realized, holy cow, IT IS. Turning 25 this year for me meant a lot. It meant more than what I would be doing to celebrate or what new materialistic item I would be going after. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely got spoiled. 😉 But this year it was different. I grasped the realization that I had already received the most valuable gift anyone could have gifted me on my 25th birthday.


With a proud spirit, I went on about how proud I was for owning my part in situations and past experiences that needed forgiveness. Let me just say that it’s not that I have “forgiveness” locked down, but I was so proud of gaining a different heart that would allow me to see past my hurt, past my anger, past injustice. It literally set me free. Forgiveness gave room for love to come in the picture and also gave me room for laughter.

When a situation that needs forgiveness comes in play, it looks something like this:

  1. I allow myself room to process, to cry, to express to my amazing husband how I feel (ahhhh another great gift in my life, more on that later.)
  2. I allow time to just happen. Oh time, if only time would fast forward and meet us right then and there when all emotions are going out the door, right?!
  3. I let go of my personal view mentality on a situation, the mentality of “I am being the MOST affected one here.”
  4. I pray for that person/situation, which leads to a CARING heart, strong enough to reach out, to send a text, to genuinely say “thinking about you” “praying for you” “love you” or a simple “how are you doing?”
  5. I laugh/joke about it. Assuming that in my heart all of the above steps align with my heart. If not, Marc would say I’m still bitter. 😉

and I remind myself of those steps over and over again. One step at a time. One situation at a time. I allow God to work in my heart like no other advice will, like no other quote will, like no other x,y, and z. Slowly but surely I experience what I experienced that night when my brother asked me what I was most proud of, and I answered…

My healing heart,   thanks to God’s forgiveness.


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