A Precious Gift

Forgiveness heals, saves, leaves room for love and hope, above all, it set’s you free.

The night before my birthday, my brother asked me what I was most proud of during my 24th birthday year, considering that the next day I would be turning 25. He said, “It would be a big deal.” To my surprise in that moment I realized, holy cow, IT IS. Turning 25 this year for me meant a lot. It meant more than what I would be doing to celebrate or what new materialistic item I would be going after. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely got spoiled. 😉 But this year it was different. I grasped the realization that I had already received the most valuable gift anyone could have gifted me on my 25th birthday.


With a proud spirit, I went on about how proud I was for owning my part in situations and past experiences that needed forgiveness. Let me just say that it’s not that I have “forgiveness” locked down, but I was so proud of gaining a different heart that would allow me to see past my hurt, past my anger, past injustice. It literally set me free. Forgiveness gave room for love to come in the picture and also gave me room for laughter.

When a situation that needs forgiveness comes in play, it looks something like this:

  1. I allow myself room to process, to cry, to express to my amazing husband how I feel (ahhhh another great gift in my life, more on that later.)
  2. I allow time to just happen. Oh time, if only time would fast forward and meet us right then and there when all emotions are going out the door, right?!
  3. I let go of my personal view mentality on a situation, the mentality of “I am being the MOST affected one here.”
  4. I pray for that person/situation, which leads to a CARING heart, strong enough to reach out, to send a text, to genuinely say “thinking about you” “praying for you” “love you” or a simple “how are you doing?”
  5. I laugh/joke about it. Assuming that in my heart all of the above steps align with my heart. If not, Marc would say I’m still bitter. 😉

and I remind myself of those steps over and over again. One step at a time. One situation at a time. I allow God to work in my heart like no other advice will, like no other quote will, like no other x,y, and z. Slowly but surely I experience what I experienced that night when my brother asked me what I was most proud of, and I answered…

My healing heart,   thanks to God’s forgiveness.


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Frames on + calligraphy+ Life Decisions

For the past couple of weeks, a topic of conversation between my husband and I has been on whether we should move from our current apartment, or if we should stay another year. Some factors we have taken into consideration are: we live about 5 minutes away from our parents, we are definitely paying little in a good area , which saves us money every month. Looking into renting something that would be more expensive does not seem like the wisest move for now. So it takes sacrifices and a little change of perspective into trusting God’s plan for us, Sooo, you got to work with what you have and add a little sparkle and creativity into your place! which brings me to this post. In our living room I have 3 white shelves, with about 6 different looking frames with NO PHOTOS. it’s been like that for a whole year… yes I know…

Well I am excited to announce that I finally decided to add photos and take a trip to Ikea in search of their “RIBBA White Frames.” I ordered photos from Shutterfly, “attempted” some calligraphy on some of the frames to add a little mixture and TADAAAAH! they are up!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Ikea | Ribba White Frames $2.99/each
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Added calligraphy on some of the frames!
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Frames| Ribba – Ikea
Calligraphy| by Luisa Samaha
Photoprints| Shutterfly.com
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h2o Infused

For the past two months, I have been enjoying water more than ever!! Drinking water on a daily basis was always a struggle for me and to be honest if not for my husbands daily reminder, it can easily go over my head to not drink water. Especially when the options of drinks are endless. For me, sipping on coffee throughout work can make it tricky and I forget to drink water since coffee is so accessible. But so far I want to share my recent desire for water in hopes that it will inspire and encourage you to drink more water as well, while still sipping on some lattes 😉

I am a sucker for fruit & vegetables. I have recently been adding some to my water. As of now my go to is infusing water with the following ingredients|

  • 1L of water
  • The juice from 1/2 of a lemon
  • Sliced cucumbers
  • Blueberries if desired

Amazing benefits come with drinking lemon/cucumber water. If you’re like me, sometimes it isn’t until after you actually “Know” the reason of why you are doing what you’re doing, that then you somehow magically own your actions and it clicks! Here are some of the facts I found & that I have experienced in my body throughout the months i’ve been drinking infused water|

  1. Drinking lemon/cucumber water as your normal morning routine is definitely a pick me up! I’ve actually experienced feeling more awake then if I were to drink coffee.
  2. Not only does it help you wake up but it is very refreshing and your body will absorb all the goodness of Vitamin A,B, and C.
  3. It will boost your immune system & will help you against flu’s or colds! Thank the Vitamin C!

Even though it is a small addition to my daily lifestyle, every time I prep it as well as while drinking, it reminds me that I am adding more health to my body overall. Regardless of how small or big your health steps are, never give up on adding more and more healthy choices!


Lemon + Cucumber

Luisa Samaha



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Things I adore, inspired by Love.

things i love
It’s the little things in life, that have turned into my biggest passions||

+Wife to the most loving and humble being, Marc.

Outings with him become the sunniest of days.

+Home decoration & anything interior design are a big passion, Party/Get together Decor go right in hand. I love both so much because I believe and have seen the beauty of how both acts bring people together.

+Lattes. yes please. & we’ll stop  by a flower shop to pick some calla lilies

+Mixed metals, my favorite accessories.

+My beautiful family. Sister to two, aunty of two. Daughter of a woman who’s seeds have bloomed into the loveliest of woman and to the man who has always had my back.



Luisa Samaha



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